12 July, 1932 – Tomas Bata, the founder of the company, died in an airplane accident

21 March, 1933 – The beginning of the construction of the Memorial, based on the design by F. L. Gahura

12 July 1933 – The opening ceremony of The Memorial marked the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Tomas Bata

By the end of 1933, The Memorial had been visited by approximately 50 000 people

Until the beginning of 1936 The Memorial had been visited by upwards 200 000 people

In 1954-55 the Memorial was rebuilt into a concert hall and renamed to The Gallery of Fine Arts

3 May, 1958 – The Memorial/The Gallery of Fine Arts was put on the central register of cultural monuments

1990s – Zlin started the negotiations concerning the transfer of the Memorial which would be passed on from the possession of the state to the city

6 October, 2006 – The conference about the future of The Memorial was held (Zlin, T. Bata Foundation, Transat architects and guests:  Eva Jiřičná, Karel Ksandr, Ladislav Lábus, Emil Přikryl ) with following conclusions:

  1. The Memorial should be rebuilt into its original design and idealist function, including the plane
  2. It is necessary to support the original architectural intention which represented Tomas Bata’s personality and character
  3. The building itself is a work of art, a showcase and an essence of Bata’s philosophy.

3 November, 2011 – The Ministry of Finance sent a letter approving the funding of the reconstruction of the Memorial up to 32 milion CZK

15 December, 2011 – Zlin city council approved the intention to rebuilt the Memorial into its original design

2010 – The Philharmonic left The Gallery of Fine Arts and moved to Cultural and Congress centre, Zlin

19 April, 2013 – A public collection to support the reconstruction of the Tomas Bata Memorial has started, the account number is 5515222/0800

16 May, 2013 – Zlin city council established a fund for the financial support of the Tomas Bata Memorial reconstruction

2013 – The Regional Gallery moved out of the Memorial/The Gallery of Fine Arts premises to the building n. 14|15, Bata institute

25 July, 2013 and 16 July, 2015 – Two workshops discussing the reconstruction of the Memorial took place

December 2016 – The beginning of the Memorial reconstruction

(The collected data originated from Petr Všetečka’s and his co-workers‘ research on the Memorial, 2000-2001)